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Season 3 Artwork

Thanks to Lyly for finding the images that were posted by Leoff on Lost-Forum and thanks to The ODI for the following description from Leoff.

My box finally arrived. I haven't watched everything but spent a few hours watching the bonus DVD. There are a bunch of easter eggs but not as much S2 had. A very cool one was a 4 minutes full wide version of the brainwash video Karl was forced to watch. Bizarre.

I recognized many deleted scenes from earlier spoiler reports. Like Jack saving the little girl at Sarah's school from choking (3x01); the conclusion of Locke´s flashback (3x03) where all people but him got arrested by the police; two Paulo/Nikki scenes from Further Instructions, one of them being the famous sex scene (the other one is a funny and blunt sex talk with Nikki and Claire that makes the later very unconfortable); a deleted Exposé flashback showing Paulo/Nikki when the sky turned purple (this one humanizes Nikki and explain why she decided to join the Pearl expedition).

I also watched the first minutes of the 3x01 audio comentary with Damon and Elizabeth Mitchell. They recall there were two small scenes from the otherville opening that were cut. One showing Juliet talking to Amelia, the old lady; other showed Juliet checking out Ben´s x-ray (like the One of Us flashback). Damon made a joke regarding this one: it was cut so people could still complain he doesn't know where the show is heading to.

As some of you might know, both 2 parts of S2 finale on DVD had a small scene cut for unknow reasons. I'm pleased to inform S3 finale in untouched. Kinda. The first scene of part 2 was the "I love you" from Jack to Kate. This one was moved to part 1, right after the Mikhail/Ben talk about killing Bonnie and Greta. I assume part 1 was shorter than part 2, so they moved that scene to balance the length.

Source: Leoff

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