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Since the excellent Episode Cup run by G-Man there have been a lot of comments and dozens of emails asking "what next" and to be honest I was starting to think the same myself. That was until DarkUFO reader Dharmageddon came up with an idea to find the most iconic item/prop, which at first I thought would not last more than a couple of days. However after we started discussing it we soon found that it would last a bit longer and should be a lot of fun.

This Cup will try to establish the most Iconic Item/Prop that we've seen on Lost over the last 3 seasons, and there have been a lot.

We will start with 60 items that Dharmageddon, Myself and G-Man have come up with and Dharmageddon has done a great job of finding all 60 images for us in this cup.

The first round will consist of 10 Polls (2 per day) consisting of 6 choices, with the top 2 from each going forward to round 2. You can vote for more than 1 item in each poll but voting for more than 2 could impact your favourites chances. Round 2 will follow a similar format with Rounds 3, the Semi-Finals and the Final being heads up matches.

I'm sure we've missed a few but hey that's life :)

Once again a massive thanks to Dharmageddon for the idea and all the great images.

So let's begin.

Today with have the following items to choose from. Select the items that you feel are the most iconic and don't forget to let us know which items you selected, and why.

The first match-up see the following items battling it out for the 2 available places. We have Mr Eko's famous "jesus" stick that he made after the first killings of the Others, Jin's watch that has got him and Michael in trouble, Yemi's Crucific, the Drug Smuggler's plane that caused the demise of poor Boone, Sawyers heart wrenching letter to Cooper, and Sayid treasured photo of Nadia. Which ones will you vote for?

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