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Well Round 1 is at an end and yesterday saw some of the closest voting yet as you can see below. We have Jacobs Chair and the Black & White stones progressing from Poll 2, whilst Desmond's Book and Ben's Bunny will be going through from Poll 1.

Jacobs Chair: (23%)
White and Black Stones: (23%)
Tom’s Fake Beard: (19%)
Newspaper Article: (18%)
Flight 815 Transceiver: (14%)
Purge Nerve Gas: (4%)

Desmond’s Book: (24%)
Ben’s Bunny: (18%)
Danielle's Map: (17%)
Christian's Coffin: (16%)
Roger Workman Skeleton: (16%)
Jack’s White Shoe: (8%)

Today sees the start of Round 2 which will follow a similar format as Round 1. There will be 2 polls a days, each with 4 choices, with the top 2 from each advancing into the Qtr-Finals.

Thanks to Dharmageddon for creating some new images for this round.

Here is a quick break down of the 24 items that have made it through to Round 2 of the Iconic item/Prop Competition.

Dharmageddon has also written up a very nice summary of each of the remaining items that have progressed to Round 2. You can read this below.

So without further ado here are Todays first 2 polls for Round 2. Let us know which ones you selected and why.

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