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Congratulations to John Locke. As many expected he would, Locke has earned a spot in the Character Cup Finals. Credit must be given, however, to Jack and his devoted fans. The matchup was kept interesting by some of the most irregular voting patterns in the entire Cup. Jack had been down by as much as 36%-64%, but two surges in votes brought him up to an alarmingly close 45%-55%. In the final hours though, Jack slipped back a notch, and the votes ended 44%-56%.

Locke ended up with 576 more votes than Jack, a typically insurmountable lead. But, this matchup showed that voting habits can change. The number of votes also exploded and nearly crossed the 5,000 mark. Perhaps today's will cross that line.

As with yesterday, today's matchup needs little introduction: DESMOND vs. SAWYER

These two characters have had very limited interaction, as far as we can tell from watching the episodes. There doesn't appear to be any conflict between the two either, making this matchup a simple matter of which one is more popular.

Will it be the Scotsman or the Con Man?

Vote, discuss, and remember- fight nice! :-)

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