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First of all, congratulations to Locke. His easy win over Eko puts him into the Final Four along with Desmond, Jack and Sawyer.

Now that we are in the Semifinals, I want to take a moment to lay a few new ground rules. The comments section has been getting rather testy, with some people making subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at other users. This ends now. I have not been a dictator up until this point, but I am putting my foot down early, because things are about to get pretty wild around here. Use the comment section to discuss the characters involved in the matchups. You may let someone know that you agree with them or disagree with them, but do not go much further than that. Do not insult individuals and do not insult an entire demographic of voters (i.e. the pro-Sawyer crowd or the anti-Locke crowd).

I will be monitoring the comment section as closely as I can and I WILL be deleting any comments that I feel are crossing the line. The Character Cup is supposed to be for fun and I intend for it to stay that way. Don't take this too seriously- it's nothing official. We're all just killing time before Season 4. While we certainly may disagree on which character we prefer, let's all remember that we are united by our love for Lost.

Now then, tonight's matchup: JACK vs. LOCKE

This has certainly been a long time coming, hasn't it? Jack and Locke have had a unique history on the show. Initially they got along pretty well, each fulfilling tasks that the other could not or would not take on.

However, as the series has continued, a large rift has developed. Not only do Jack and Locke find themselves at odds over leadership and secrets, they also have conflicting views on getting themselves and their fellow castaways rescued.

This matchup needs no additional introduction, so let's get to it. Who will reach the finals? The Man of Science, or the Man of Faith?

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