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While Sawyer's victory wasn't too surprising, the most brutal blow of this matchup was clearly the margin by which he won. According to your comments though, this wasn't an easy decision for most, but in the end your preference lay with the resident con-man. Sawyer moves on to Round 4 with the confidence of a large support network backing him. Meanwhile, Juliet now understands how Sun felt when Jules eliminated her by a similar margin. Juliet is the first serious contender for the Cup title to bite the dust. My how the mighty have fallen.

Before we get to tonight's matchup, I wanted to let you all know that after matchup #5 (due to come out Wednesday night) the Character Cup will be taking a brief hiatus. From Friday to Sunday afternoon I will be out of town for a business training seminar (woo hoo, I know) and will not be around to load any new matchups. So, on Thursday night, instead of a new matchup, I will be posting some exciting news about an upcoming feature on this site that you won't want to miss! We will then pick back up with the Character Cup Sunday evening and began our march towards the Quarterfinals.

Now back to the action.

Tonight's matchup thumbs its nose at the notion of pitting so-called 'weaker characters' against the big dogs and forces us to put one of Luhks' bottom 3 into the next round. It's The Blank Slate vs. The Judas, as Ethan Rom and Michael Dawson go toe to toe. This should prove to be an interesting matchup.

Vote for your favorite and let us know what you think about tonight's bout.

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