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Here we are, the final day of Round 2. As I said before, the Character Cup WILL continue as normal through the Labor Day weekend. Hopefully our voter turnout isn't affected to badly by the holiday weekend.

With no surprise at all, we congratulate Locke and Desmond (who many thought were paired against each other) for crushing the competition. It doesn't mean that we don't love Penny and Libby, it just means that we love Locke and Desmond that much more. Anywho, they move on, leaving only 2 more spots to fill. These spots will be filled by minor characters, as decided by tonight's matchups.

In matchup #1, we see a man who has appeared on the Island, off the Island, in flashbacks and in realitme taking on a woman who appears to have some control over time and/or destiny. Ethan Rom and Ms. Hawking vie for the title of the most interesting yet freaky minor character.

In matchup #2, the only remaining non-human characters battle for bragging rights. Will Vincent dig a grave for the Smoke Monster, or will Smokey smite the little puppt like the mighty smiter it is?

And be sure to make some nominations for the 'Best in Show' award for Round 2 in the comments section!

Also, just a word to preface Round 3, we will be moving to a 1 matchup per day schedule from here on out, as there will only be 8 matchups next round. That and we want to keep ourselves preoccupied during the hiatus as long as we can, right?

Okay, go vote!

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