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Hey there Lost fans! Have you ever felt the rush of excitement that comes from living vicariously through the accomplishments of others, otherwise known as Fantasy Sports? Have you been tempted to dabble in Fantasy Football or Baseball or what have you, but never felt like you had the time to commit to changing a Fantasy Team every week? Or, has Fantasy Sports begun to lose its freshness?

Well then have we got news for you!

Our intrepid friend DarkUFO has devised the perfect solution to your Fantasy Sports woes. It’s exciting; you earn points for other peoples’ actions; it’s light on commitment; it’s fresh and new and focuses on LOST!

That’s right- I’m talking about the Lost Fantasy League.

Here’s the scoop: You get to pick 7 characters from Lost- they will be the players on your team and you’ll keep them all throughout Season 4 (no complicated lineup changes here!). Each episode, these characters will earn you points based on the different things they do. Points will be awarded for things like flashbacks, discovering new things, having sex, even encountering polar bears!

All you need to join the LFL is a Blogger Account and to fill out the online submission form. If you do not have an account, get one by clicking on this link: https://www.blogger.com/signup.g

Dark will post the official rules and the online Submission Form within the next 24 hours, so keep your eyes peeled! There will be a limited amount of time to sign up for the League, so don’t delay!

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