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Click on the links to read excerpts from Nowhere, the precursor to the pilot episode of Lost written by Jeffrey Lieber. These excerpts are part of a long article with Lieber which can be found HERE.

Leiber: "In my draft of Lost, I was working off a Lord of the Flies model, wherein a small group of people, cut off from the real world, are forced to reinvent society. What version of law and order who they create? What kind of morality would win out? Would the people who rose to power be benevolent, or is power itself corrupting? At the center of the society I imagined two half brothers, connected by their father, but raised very differently. This is their introduction."

Read Excerpt 1

Lieber: "The biggest challenge with the show was removing, for the most part, the idea that these people would be saved any time soon. One doesn't want to have to spend every episode dwelling on "rescuers" or plans of escape. This scene that follows was my attempt to get the viewer to buy into the survivors' permanent residency."

Read Excerpt 2

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