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They say that records are made to be broken, and one certainly was with yesterday's matchups! We went from one day where we saw an insanely close battle to a day where the margins were blown wide open. In fact, the both matchups proved to be momentous. In what some consider an embarrassment and others consider a triumph, Paulo's loss to Vincent marks the first elimination of a main character in the tournament thus far. Then, of course, there was Rousseau's record-setting margin of victory against Susan Lloyd.

The final tally was 98% to 2%, with Susan acquiring only 58 votes out of 2994 total. This surpasses Hurley's 97-3 victory of Naomi at the beginning of Round 1. Can Rousseau's new record be beat? We've got a lot more voting to do before all is said and done, but I think we'll be hard pressed to break the new record.

Tonight we see four good-guys duke it out. The most recently departed Lostie is matched up against a woman from Locke's past, while our second matchup pits two Tailies against each other. Who's is going to win today, and who deserves to? You tell us!

Charlie Pace
Status: Lostie (Deceased)
Charlie was once the bassist for the rock band Driveshaft. His brother and band mate Liam is somewhat responsible for Charlie’s addiction to heroin. On the Island, Charlie kicked his drug habit with some help from Locke. Charlie also helped take care of Claire’s baby. After deactivating jamming equipment in an underwater station, Charlie drowned when Mikhail flooded the room Charlie was in.
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Status: Flashback Character (Alive)
Helen met John Locke at an anger management support group and hit it off. They began dating, but it became clear to Helen that John's obsession with his father needed to end. She made John choose between his father or her. John chose Helen, but when he got suckered into retrieving money for his father, Helen left John for good, despite his proposing to her.
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Status: Tailie (Deceased)
Libby was married once, but her husband died suddenly. She met Desmond in a coffee shop, and gave him her husband's boat for his race around the world. She was in the Santa Rosa Mental Institution at the same time as Hurley. After the Tailies merged with the Losties, Libby got into a relationship with Hurley. She was shot by Michael in the Hatch and bled to death.
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Bernard Nadler
Status: Tailie (Alive)
Bernard was in the tail section of Flight 815 when it crashed. Before this, he made a living as a dentist. He met Rose one night when he helped her free her car from some snow. After crashing on the Island, Bernard was reunited with his wife when the Tailies hiked across the Island to the Lostie camp. He is the only Tailie that has not died or been kidnapped by the Others.
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