DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to Ms. Hawking and Leonard Simms, two of the most popular characters in our prelim tournament. They have earned the final 2 open spots in the main tournament.

Speaking of the main tournament, IT'S HERE!! That's right- after two weeks of preliminary action today is the start of the 64-character, single-elimination Character Cup tournament! My non-virtual hat has made it's picks, and although it looks like the first round will be more or less controversy-free, there are a few matchups that ought to spark some good discussion.

Now's the time to rant and rave about the merits of your favorite character! Is Desmond your dude? Think Claire's a cutie? Or perhaps you've got a sweet spot for Sawyer? Let us all know what you think of these characters as we fight our way to the finish!

The first two matchups pit Lost veterans against relative newcomers, featuring a fan favorite or two as a bonus. Cast your votes and talk up your favorites.

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