DarkUFO - Lost

Congrats to Johnny and Ms. Hawking on their victories, despite bringing in the lowest vote total and number of comments thus far in the Character Cup. Their victories mean that today is the last day for Round 2 of the prelims. Whoever wins today will go back into the non-virtual hat and paired up with one of the other Round 2 winners for the Prelim Finals!

That's right folks, we're almost up to the start of the main tourney. I know that many of you have been getting antsy for it, but thanks for bearing with me while we went through this Prelim tourney business. Hopefully it will have been worth it in the end.

Today brings us another unique piece of devilry from my hat- characters with some level of connection with each other going head to head. We've got a battle of Hurley's flashback characters and a battle of Juliet's flashbacks characters. But one from each must be let go, so I'll let you to it.

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