DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to both Aaron Littleton and Rachel Carlson. They both earned a spot in the second round, which begins right now!

Now that we've weeded through some favorite minor characters, we must go through them again, refining our field of candidates further still! And I can assure you, my non-virtual hat has drawn up some very intriguing matchups, some of which are certain to spark dialogue and maybe even break a few hearts. I know I got mad at the hat for at least 2 of the matchups, which we'll be seeing soon enough.

Now then, let's get started. Round 2 opens up with a diverse set of opponents. We've got 2 flashbacks characters, a Lostie and an Other. The winner here will move on to the Prelim Finals, where they'll duke it out for one of those four open slots in the main tourney.

Vote for your favorites and talk it up!

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