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Sawyer's Visitor: Remarkably similar to "Ana Lucia's prisoner", it sees Libby again helping a captive, this time Sawyer, by giving him water and comforting him, but refusing to let him out or talk for a long time. This scene is deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo" (Sawyer is alone in the pit).

[Sawyer is looking at his shoulder wound while imprisoned in the pit alone. There are distant sounds of Libby talking.]
SAWYER: [Looking up] I can hear you!
LIBBY: [Out of view] Are... are you OK?
SAWYER: I'm just dandy, how are you? Better yet, who are you?
LIBBY: That's not important right now.
LIBBY: Were you really on Flight 815?
LIBBY: Yes, in the tail section.
SAWYER: Well, we're on the same damn team then! How bout you get me the hell out of here?
LIBBY: I can't right now, but I brought you some water.
[Sawyer grabs canteen and chugs a swig, as though very thirsty. Libby still remains out of sight.]
SAWYER: Thanks.
LIBBY: Welcome.
SAWYER: Hey, where you going? Hey lady!
Transcript thanks to Lostpedia.

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