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Thanks to my Aussie friend JP who sent me this. The main intro from LOST is simply a preset from Spectrasonics' Atmosphere.

The wildly popular ABC TV show “Lost” was co-created by J.J. Abrams, an American film and television producer, writer, actor, and director (also the creator of the massive hit TV series “Alias” and the Tom Cruise film “Mission Impossible 3″)If that wasn’t enough, J.J. is also an electronic musician, composer and big fan of Spectrasonics! So you never know where our sounds will make an appearance in his shows.

For example, it’s always amazing what you find over at YouTube: here we found a video of someone figuring out the exact patch (”Armenian Sun”) in Spectrasonics’ Atmosphere that recreates the sound of the opening theme on Lost as the fuzzy out of focus off-axis “Lost” logo spins into view…check it out!

NOTE: The first part of the video is silent, showing setting up Cubase with Atmosphere…wait for the sound at the end.

Source: Spectrasonics

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