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According to my friends over at The Tailsection, here are the Lost episodes that were put forward for the Emmy's. Agree/Disagree with any of these?

Outstanding Drama Series
Lost "The Man From Tallahassee"

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Evangeline Lilly For "I Do"

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Matthew Fox For "A Tale Of Two Cities"

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Naveen Andrews For "Enter 77"
Daniel Dae Kim For "The Glass Ballerina"
Michael Emerson For "Every Man For Himself"
Henry Ian Cusick For "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
Josh Hollaway For "Every Man For Himself"
Jorge Garcia For "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"
Dominic Monaghan For "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
Terry O'Quinn For "?" (I'm hearing Tallahassee and Further Instructions)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Emilie de Ravin For "Par Avion"
Yunjin Kim For "The Glass Ballerina"
Elizabeth Mitchell For "One Of Us"

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series
Kevin Tighe For "The Brig"

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series
Kevin Blanks

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series
Stephen Williams for "Greatest Hits"

Source: The Tailsection

Thanks to Hum Hum, here are how the Emmy's work.

1. Initially, a top 10 is selected in every category. The Academy members vote for their favorite shows, actors, writers etc. Obviously the top 10 is based on popular vote.
2. After the top 10 in each category is selected, the Academy members watch one episode with each one of the nominees. The episode has to be submitted to the Academy until May 31. The episodes that you posted are correct but some of the actors might have changed their selection.
3. After the nominations are announced, each nominee (actors, writers, directors etc.) is supposed to send a tape with 2 episodes. The nominated shows on the other hand must send 3 tapes of 2 episodes each. In other words, a total of 6 episodes.

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