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Voting is now over and Expose will be entered into virtual hat with the other 63 episodes. The first 2 match ups will be posted later today.

A number of you have been emailing me about the idea of a poll to vote for your best episode ever of Lost, and whilst this is a great idea I thought it would be more fun if we ran this in the form of a Knockout Cup. I will enter every Lost episode in a virtual hat and pair them off against another Episode, the winner of each match up then goes through to the next round where they are once again paired off with another random winner from the previous round. This continues until we have only 2 episodes left to fight it out in the final.

In order to do this we need to start with a number that allows us to half the field each time eg Round 1 64 Episodes, Round 2 32 Episodes, Round 3 16 Episodes, Qtr-Finals 8 Episodes, Semi-Finals 4 Episodes, Final 2 Episodes. Unfortunately we have a total of total of 67 Lost episodes to date (each 2-hr special count as 1) and in order to run this we need to eliminate 3 episodes before the 1st draw is made.

So I've picked the 4 lowest rated episodes at TV Guide from the 3 Seasons to battle it out for the final place in the 64. So starting tomorrow will will start the competition with one of these 4 episodes included.

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