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With the success of the Episode Cup, which is currently running, we've decided to follow this up with the Character Cup (more of this to come soon) and introduce a new Award competition for the Favourite Scene in Lost. This has been suggested by a large number of you all, so thanks to everyone for this. This Scene Competition will run during both the Episode and Character Cups.

The Scene Competition is quite simple. It will be divided by Season and then the top 2 Scenes from each season will then go head to head for the final placings. I will be making the final scenes in question available in video format so everyone can re-live the scenes in question.

We will start here with Season 1 and for a period of 1 week we will collect your Nominations for the Favourite Scene which we will then vote on to get the Best 2 Scenes from Season 1. Voting will then last 1 week. After this we move onto Season 2.

The rules are simple

1) You can nominate a max of 3 Scenes from Season 1
2) If someone else has already nominated a scene that is fine
3) Please make sure you include the Episode Name and a simple 1 line description of the scene(s) that you would like to nominate.
4) Any questions please feel free to leave a comment.


1) Exodus Part 2 : Locke and Jack staring down the hatch for the first time
2) Outlaws : Sawyer and Kate playing I Never
3) Numbers : Hurley crossing the rope bridge

Remember: This nomination phase is just for SEASON 1, we will be doing the other Seasons later.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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