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UPDATE: 9th June - Please check your email.
I've uploaded the full list of email address that you used to submit your spreadsheet to me. Please check this list to ensure that you are in the database. If you have emailed me but your email address is not listed then please email me and I will check why your file was not uploaded. (Note: The email list below have had random numbers inserted into the address to stop spammers grabbing them along with an x at the front and some random numbers at the end. The list is sorted alphabetically. Please check the list carefully before getting back to me)

Check your email here

Update 8th June - Submissions Closed

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their entries, the submission phase is now over. I still cannot believe we've had over 1000 entries in such a short space of time. Next season I'll have to expand this to allow for more entries.

What happens next......

1) I will collate and process all entries into the database I've created.
2) I will then publish a list of all emails that have been submitted so that you can check if your's is in the database, if not you can email me and let me know.

3) I will then start to post the answers to the questions that people have predicted ie Who the most popular next death is, Who people think Kate will kiss next, What is the most popular first letter for the title etc etc
4) Then we wait for the first spoilers so that that we can start giving out points :)

Please give me a few days to collate and check all these entires and to publish the results. I suspect these will take me a few days as I'm not around much this weekend.

Look out for the entry list and the popular answers listings early next week.

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