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Prince's former wife auditioned for Naomi

Just reading an interesting post from Gregg Nations over at the Fuselage about what other actresses auditioned for the part of Naomi. He confirmed that one of them was Mayte Garcia, the former wife of singer Prince.

Q) I also really like Marsha Thomason as Naomi. Were there any other well-known actresses seeking that role? The only thing that was weird about that episode was that she bothered to talk in different languages knowing that the guys spoke english.
Thanks again.

A) Marsha Thomason has been a great addition to the cast. I really like her, too. Auditions were held for that role, and a number of people came in. The one I remember was Mayte, who was once married to Prince. She's very beautiful in person and very nice.

Source: Gregg Nations@The Fuselage

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