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A lot of people have been asking if this site, like Lost, will go into Hiatus, so rather than replying to all the emails I'd let you know that we'll be carrying on right up to the Season 4 Premiere.

- Spoilers will of course be a little sparse until shooting starts up again around August/Sept time but we should start getting casting calls and rumours about new additions to the cast etc and hopefully the contacts that I made in Season 2 will still be able to provide us with some exciting behind the scenes photos from Season 3
- New Promos should start appearing around Dec/Jan
- The Season 3 DVD will be out (Amazon pre-booking page) and we will provide extensive coverage of the disk, as well as the hidden scenes and easter eggs like we provided for Season 2 HERE.
- We will be doing the Season 3 Awards polls very shortly were you can vote and comment on the Best and Worst of Season 3.
- Vozzek69 will be making an appearance and providing some interesting commentary. We've yet to decide on exactly the format of this but watch this space if you're a fan of his recaps.
- We'll continue to post the Weekly deleted scene clips for Seasons 1 & 2 and if I've done my maths correctly I should have enough to take us up to the week before the Season 3 Premiere.
- The Fan Fiction section will be constantly populated with all your creative work, be sure to check out the existing submissions and to submit any of your own work.
- One of the things I'll be running this year is a Season 4 prediction league, which will have a prize of a the Season 4 DVD Box set. There will be further information on this later next week.
- Plus anything else we can think of in the meantime.

If you have any other thoughts/suggestions about what you would like to see us cover and/or how we can improve the site, please do not hesitate in contacting me or emailing me via the button in the right hand sidebar.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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