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One of the biggest requests I get is from people asking for Deleted scenes video etc, so I thought I'd start to add them to the site. Each week on a random day I'll post a new deleted scene from my collection.

I think I now have enough scenes that hopefully will take us up to the start of Season 4 in Jan 2008.

Deleted from "Pilot, Part 1"

[Sawyer smokes a cigarette at the wreckage of the plane. Charlie walks up to him.]

CHARLIE: Are you sure you, um, excuse me, are you sure you should be smoking near the plane? ...And stuff? [Pause]


CHARLIE: OK. Excellent. Just thought I’d ask. [Begins to walk away, but returns] Can I have one of you cigarettes? [Sawyer gives him the cigarette he is smoking.] Thanks. [Sawyer lights a second cigarette. Charlie walks away.]

Transcript thanks to Lostpedia

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