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Thanks to DocArzt over at The Tailsection for finding this news article about the Easter Eggs section of the site. Here is a snippet.

Here are a few of the comments fans have posted on the http://losteastereggs.blogspot.com about ALS:

"I think the site is fake. It's a good fake, but I think it's a fake."

"I hate to admit it, but I called the toll-free number. If you press 2, a sleepy sounding man answers. I was so freaked out, I hung up."

"I bet that guy's getting a lot of calls tonight."

"I'd bet my bottom dollar that site is for real."

"I called, and a lady answered 'ALS Technologies. May I help you?' I was going to ask, 'Are you a real company,' but I was too chicken. I hung up."

"Are you people crazy? This cannot be a real website. They would never put something like that on the show because they know we are going to investigate and probably call any number available. ... Please find the secret message!!!"

Linda Alvirez added her own post to the blog:

"Hello, everyone, I'm Linda Alvirez, wife of David Alvirez and CFO of ALS Technologies Inc. I'm also a huge 'Lost' fan as is David. Guess what, we are a real company, however that device only emits smoke; the passing out part was just great acting and, by the way, the Ozark Mountains are full of rocks and things that resemble the island."

Source: Baxter Bulletin - Full Article here

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