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A lot, and I mean a lot of people have been emailing me asking to turn off the ability for people to post anonymously. This is something that I've always been against at the start but I feel that unfortunately it is time to consider this as I simply do not have time to moderate the 300-400 comments a day on the site. I'm also hoping that this will increase the enjoyment and usefulness that people get out of the site.

I will slowly be turning off the ability to post Anonymously on the site over the next few days so this is to provide you with plenty of warning. I will make another announcement closer the time.

UPDATE: Anonymous posting will be turned off on the Spoilers section on Friday 6th and the Homepage on Monday 9th April Other sections will follow as appropriate.

In preparation for this I suggest that those who want to continue to post in the comments create a free Blogger/Google ID now. This takes less than a minute and once done you are automatically signed into my Blog as well as any other Blog on the Blogger system.

Sign up for a blogger account here

Once done you can then fill out your profile (optional) and attach a photo that will be seen in the Comments popup window.

Those of you with an existing Blogger/Google Account can simply login here.

If you have any questions about this please email me or leave a comment. When you have your nice new Shiny Blogger ID show it off by posting a comment :)

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