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Thanks to Andy for this interesting bit of info about Lost/Heroes. Also thanks to DoyouSmellCarrots for spotting the same connection.

I am e-mailing you because I watch Heroes [on NBC]. And being obsessive over LOST, I know most of my Lost stuff. And in the beginning of Heroes, tonight's [2.12.07] episode "Run", Nikki/Jessica opened up a package in the first few minutes, and found a "Gannon Car Rental" brochure. Make no misrake, it appeared to be the same one that has appeared in Lost numerous times [same format and such]. Now I am unsure if the Gannon Brochure is sort of like the Oceanic Airliners, where it appears in other shows (Alias), but these two shows, Lost and Heroes don't even appear on the same network for them to do this.
Source: Andy

Here are a couple from Lost, that can be found in the Eggs section.

Another poster Rob has provided this clearer screenshot for us.

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