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Jared and LOST bogger friend Jo Garfein (Jopinionated) have created an "Initiative" called Cancer Gets LOST. It is a charity event and online auction that contains all things LOST. The charity that has been chosen by Jo and Jared is the US National Brain Tumor Society

Read more details about the webcast event and the auction below, and also details of a limited edition Apollo Bar t-shirt that will benefit the cause.

You will not want to miss the live webcast event on the 25th of August and will definitely start to salivate at all the items available in the auction.

If you needed any more persuasion to take a look at the items available Damon Lindelof kindly created a short video message about the cause.

The auction will be run on the website BiddingForGood.com

Amongst the items for auction there are props, DVD sets, and several LOST poster series items, variously signed by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, Jorge Garcia and more. There are also items from other cult TV shows like Fringe and Alcatraz.

The amount of items is stunning for a LOST fan and most peoples problem will be to know where their bank balance can be stretched to without it completely breaking.

As a reminder just go to the Cancer Gets LOST website to see all the details and updates for the event

Now for another way to help the cause.

Hopefully you all recognise the Apollo Bar logo that was used during the original LOST ARG, "The Lost Experience", and I know some of you still have the original bars stashed away.

Well this is a version of the logo incorporated into this t-shirt design and it will be on sale at TeeBusters.com starting on Friday 17th of August for 48 hours. All of the designer commission from TeeBusters for the sale will go to support the Cancer Gets Lost charity event.

You could use this icon version temporarilly as your profile image to let people know about the t-shirt

Please spread the details of Cancer Gets LOST and please also tell others about the t-shirt so as many people as possible know about it this weekend.


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