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What if all your favourite LOST authors and bloggers were gathered in one place, accessible anytime you wished, day or night? What would you talk about with them? What fascinating ideas would they bring for your consideration?

What if you could talk with people who never left the Island, who never will leave the Island—whose job it is, in fact, to live, breathe, touch, and see LOST 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

There are such people, and there is such a magical place, in a book: LOST Thought.

This book contains all-new contributions from the best-known authorities on LOST—writers and bloggers you have trusted for years to bring you solid research and new ways of looking at every scene, every character, every fascinating theme of this most thought-provoking of television creations. LOST Thought contains original contributions from every one of the Internet’s most visible writers on LOST:

Nikki Stafford (Finding Lost)
Jo Garfein (Jopinionated)
Ryan Ozawa (The Transmission)
Jon Lachonis (Doc Arzt)
Pearson Moore (LOST Humanity, LOST Identity)
Sarah Clarke Stuart (Literary Lost)
Erika Olson (Long Live Locke)
Andy Page (DarkUFO)

You will read Jo Garfein’s immensely entertaining take on LOST’s frequent allusions to Alice in Wonderland, Ryan Ozawa’s fascinating account of being an eyewitness to LOST as it was created on Oahu, and Andy Page’s delightful history of the world’s most famous LOST site, DarkUFO. Pearson Moore has contributed an essay on Christian Shephard, while Nikki Stafford and Jon Lachonis will delve into themes rarely discussed, and Sarah Clarke Stuart will cover new ground in an intriguing dialogue about “the one, the two, and the many.” Erika Olson and Jo Garfein will lead an animated discussion of the ideas and themes that have captured our imaginations—and our hearts.

LOST Thought really only begins with these contributions. The heart of the book—the depth and substance of the volume—is provided by those people whose job it is to tell the story of LOST. The actors, writers, and production staff have had to “move on” to other projects; even your favourite authors and bloggers are writing about other television shows or jumping to new adventures. But there are experts in LOST who are obliged to stay on the Island, to tell LOST’s story for years and decades to come. We know them as university professors. They see themselves as individuals who take delight in uncovering the multi-faceted aspects of life as revealed in novels, movies, theatrical productions, and the other written and spoken documents of our shared humanity.

LOST Thought contains original contributions from over a dozen academic experts in literature, film theory, theology, and cultural studies:

Dr. Paul Wright, Professor of English
Dr. Julia Guernsey-Pitchford, Professor of Cultural Studies
Dr. Jeffrey D. Frame, Professor of Film Studies
Cory Milles, Instructor in Composition
Dr. Cynthia Burkhead, Professor of English
Dr. Delano R. Freeberg, Analytical Scientist
Kevin McGinnis (Ph.D. candidate, religious studies)
Erin Carlyle (Ph.D. candidate, women's studies)
Jennifer Galicinski (seminary student, theology)
Gozde Kilic (Ph.D. candidate, cultural studies)
Jamie Smith (graduate student)
Chris J. Doran (Independent Scholar)

Most of these academic contributions are conveyed as formal papers, many of them never before published. Pearson Moore will provide a brief introduction and a glossary of terms so that even non-experts in literary or film theory will be able to read and enjoy these fascinating studies on the land of Mittelos.

The editor of the volume, Pearson Moore, promises publication by early Spring, 2012. We can’t wait to get our hands on what promises to be next year’s most sought-after book on LOST. Stay tuned for announcements. As soon as we can get Pearson to tell us the publication date, he says we’ll hear it first at DarkUFO. We’ll keep you posted!

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