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LOST Humanity, the #1 Bestselling LOST ebook ever published, is now available as a 440-page paperback. The publisher says the book is “LOST as you’ve never experienced it before: An intense, breathtaking, ‘post-graduate’ experience for those who can’t get enough of this once-in-a-lifetime television phenomenon.” The book has received five five-star reviews at Amazon, it has been the topic of podcasts and interviews at sites all over the Internet, and is tremendously popular with LOST fans around the world.

The author, Pearson Moore, commented on reaction: “I thought LOST Humanity would be a little book for friends and maybe a few fans. But it took off right away. I was totally unprepared for the huge response. Lost fans told me again and again to release the paperback edition. I listened!”

To find out more, or to purchase a copy,
visit Pearson's website.

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