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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, exec producers, "Lost"
Lindelof: "It sounds so cliche that it's great to be nominated but that's what we're basking in now. We don't take this for granted. And the fact that the love was spread to Michael Giacchino, Jack Bender, the sound mixers and art direction is great. It'll be cool to put on the monkey suits again and get together one last time."

Cuse: "My strategy is to sleep through these type of things. I checked my phone and saw there were a lot of emails. Bad news avoids you like the plague. … For Matthew (Fox) , he's labored almost unfairly on a show that's more ensemble-oriented than the guys he's competing aginst. Fortunately, the finale was Matthew-centric and he was finally given a chance to be front and center in such a way that allows voters to take notice. He was so critical to our show."

Source: Variety

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