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My deepest apologies to all of you Lost fans who have been waiting weeks for this post. Between my new job and a busy schedule, things have gotten awfully backed up. But fear not, the LFL will come to a close soon! Today I've posted the scores for "Across the Sea." We hope to lump "What They Died For" and "The End" together possibly by Friday or sometime next weekend. It will all depend on how difficult it is to score the finale and make all the necessary point adjustments.

"Across the Sea" wasn't really a game-changing episode. It didn't do much in the way of providing momentum for our Character Group leaders but it did shuffle some of our League Leaders a bit. Plus, we had a ridiculous number of Fantasy Geniuses of the Week, so check that section out to see if you are in it!

Overall, "Across the Sea" amassed only 605 points but I think we'll see the scores jump significantly over the last two episodes of the season. There were some point adjustments made this week, so be sure to check those out or you may be confused by your scores for the week.

So check out this week's content and brace yourselves for a double-whammy season-ending post (hopefully) within the next 7 days. The end is near, Lost fans, and our lovely prizes await our winner!

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