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Next week we will be recording the first of a series of podcasts dedicated to Lost, DarkUFO and the fan community! Join hosts DarkUFO (Andy) of DarkUFO and congested (Alex) of Audibly Lost who will be taking questions submitted here in the comments of this post.

The podcast will take place on Wednesday 17th and we hope to have it posted shortly after.

While there will be NO SPOILERS in the podcast itself, we are planning on doing a segment that takes a look at what goes on behind the scenes at DarkUFO. We also are going to do a segment for non-spoiler fans re-capping what spoilers were revealed about LA X prior to the episode airing, which we hope will be a fun way for purists to see what they saved themselves from finding out. So please send DarkUFO your questions about the site, previous spoilers from past seasons (as well as for LA X, What Kate Does) and the fan community and we will hopefully get to as many as possible.

Also feel free to send in any other Lost-related comments, including your theories and thoughts on Season 6 so far.

This being our first podcast, it will be a bit of trial and error, but down the line we are looking to broaden our discussions and talk with other fans about Lost.

So if you have any questions that you've wanted to ask about how the site is run and how things are done now is the time :)

Submit those comments and tune in next week!

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