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It always seems to be the case that cup finals (whether it be the Character Cup, Episode Cup or Prop Cup) end up being incredibly close. This year's Prop Cup 2009 final has been no exception. The Swan Station Countdown Timer and the Four Toed Statue have battled hard these last couple of days, each holding their own in a photo finish finale that gathered almost 4000 votes.

There can of course be only one winner, and with a win margin of just 2%, clawing it's way to victory, but having held the lead for the vast majority of this final match, and claiming this year's Prop Cup crown, is...


Somewhat amazingly, the Swan Station didn't dominate the final four this year. In previous cups, the Swan has always held 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Nevertheless, the Swan stands tall yet again, taking 2nd and 4th place. Well done to the Frozen Donkey Wheel for sticking in there and taking 3rd, and of course to the Four Toed Statue, for enduring the month long battle and taking the gold.

We hope that you enjoyed taking part in this cup, and we also hope that it helped to lessen the monotonous ache that is the hiatus. With just a couple more months until the Season 6 premiere of LOST, the plentiful spoilers will have to tide us over until then.

You can click on the button below for a tiny bit of info on next year's cup, as well as a 'thoughts' poll.

Next year will mark the last ever LOST Prop Cup. Sad isn't it? But all fun things must come to an end. Guaranteed a spot in next year's cup, due to their placings, are:

Eko's Stick
Radzinsky's Blast Door Map
Swan Station Countdown Timer
Swan Station Computer Terminal
Locke's Compass
Four Toed Statue
The Mysterious Cabin
The Hatch Door
The Black Rock
Black & White Stones
Fuselage Wreckage
Frozen Donkey Wheel

Depending on how many Season 6 props deem worthy of featuring in the 2010 Prop Cup, other 2009 props may also make the cut (high probability of that). Also, we may decide to do things a little differently next year, but we'll see.

Also, it will be worth touching upon this. Some has been said about the Statue not being an actual prop, in that it is mostly CGI created. The decider, for us, was that the statue was in fact sculptured by Jim Van Houten, as a physical piece, and used as the reference for what we see in the show.

Lastly, we just wanted to know if you are happy with the final 4 results.

Have a good one, enjoy your holiday season, and roll on Season 6!

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