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Update: 8th Jan Just spoke again to my contact at Sky and they have now confirmed that the actual date is still the original Friday 5th February 2010 that we speculated last year.
Update: 17:30 Sky have said that they have NOT yet set any date for Lost. Looks like the Sky Customer Care department got a little carried away :) As soon as we have an official date we'll pass it on.
Update: 15:30 I've emailed Sky asking them if they could confirm/deny this and they have cryptically told me that they can neither confirm or deny? If I get any more info I'll pass it on.
Update: 15:20 Thanks to AndyPandy who informs us that this may have been misinformation or a mistake by the Sky Employee. I've emailed Sky myself to see if they can confirm/deny this.

Thanks to DarkUFO Callum for letting us know that his contact at Sky is now confirming that Season 6 of Lost in the UK will be back on Sky 1 and HD Friday’s at 9pm from 5th February 2010.

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