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New Lost Arg?


Update: 28th July Thanks to Robert who has provided us with this link to an interesting article on the Lost University.
Update: 25th July Looks like this is not actually a new lol. Thanks to Lost fan who realised it's been seen before.

Update: 25th July Thanks to İlker for finding this new Dharma Logo on the site.

Update: 24th July Thanks to Nickb for the heads up on this little article over at Lostpedia
Update: 08:30 Thanks to Anthony for the screencaps.

Thanks to Erin and The ODI who found this whilst at Comic-Con.

Anyone know what it is? it was found among the items at the lost auction booth.


From Erin.

Make sure to check out the photo that comes after the Lost University card; that's the back of the card, and it's on every card, it's NOT a random scribble!

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