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I rated this episode Awesome at 10:02pm last Wednesday night, after just seeing the previews. People (including me) were hyping it up all week long, so much that it started making me a little nervous. Turns out there was no reason to be, as Dead is Dead more than lived up to itself. Ben, new Locke, the monster and tons of answers - not much more you can really ask for. Things I Noticed:

Jacob May I? Yes You May
Cool opening scene, and great job with youngish Widmore and his wild lion's mane. We quickly learn who's in charge of the pride here, the guy with the square jaw and infallible charisma. As he confronts Richard about bringing wounded Ben to the temple, the finger is once again quickly pointed toward a scapegoat that's becoming all too familiar in LOST: Jacob. In fact, I think someone could probably cash in on some "Jacob made me do it" T-shirts right about now.

As Richard pulls the "Jacob wanted it done" trump card, Charles' eyes betray extreme scrutiny. It's a lie, and I'm pretty sure Widmore knows it. He accepts it nevertheless, which places Ben squarely into the Other's camp. In retrospect, I think Richard's hand was forced. He was fairly certain Ben was going to be the island's next chosen leader, but he also knew the kid wasn't ready yet. Cue Sawyer and Kate showing up with a dying Benjamin Linus, and it was literally do or die. Years later I think Richard would regret this decision: not only did Jacob not choose him, but Benjamin Linus would go on to lead the Others astray from the island's true purpose in many different ways. Ben was never meant to be leader, he kinda of got stuck with it.

Also in this scene, we see how Ben becomes Richard's Alex. Just as Ben saves Alex from death, Richard does the same for Ben. Unfortunately later on, each of these little side projects doesn't work out for either of them. Apparently you just can't go against the will of the island. The scene where Ben opened his eyes to look upon Charles Widmore for the first time was very cool too. The shifty way the kid first glanced at him reminded me sharply of adult Ben.

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