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Hey All,
As reported we get another one week break on April 22nd between episode 5x13 and 5x14. I know many of you were not too happy about the first break and well I am sure the second break does not sit too well either.

During the last break we got a repeat, but this time a clip (recap) show is scheduled. Thanks to thedemonhog for the heads up that the official ABC Calendar has the clip show listed on April 22nd and the title as "The Story of the Oceanic 6".

Why is there a break at all?? Well if you click the screencap below you will see that the ratings period aka "Sweeps" begins on April 23rd. So by adding in this one week break, ABC will be able to take advantage of the remaining episodes to fall into the Sweeps period.

Additionally Episode 5x14 is the 100th episode of LOST so I assume ABC will use the extra week to hype up the episode even more.

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