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Here is the Episode 5.07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham recap from Erika Olson (aka "e") from LongLiveLocke.com.

We've finally arrived at the episode I saw being filmed when I visited Oahu in October. Could it be any more perfect that it was all about Locke? Had I known that at the time, I would've freaked out even more than I already did -- if that's possible. You can bet that my husband and I were hooting and hollering Wednesday night when we saw how the brief scenes we'd witnessed being shot in downtown Honolulu came together on the show. I've linked to some additional pictures and a very short video clip from that day at the end of this post.

I've also been saving the picture to the right for the appropriate moment -- yes, this is a real street sign in the United States, and of course I'm now considering moving just so I can say I live on John Locke Lane. A huge shout-out to the Lost fans at Echo Hills who passed this photo on to me.

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