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So you guys weren't all crazy about what "The Little Prince" offered in the way of Lost awesomeness. But some of you are sure to be thrilled with how the episode faired for your Fantasy Team!

"The Little Prince" sets a new Season 5 record for the most overall points but it ties the record for the fewest point categories hit. Ironic, no?

Check out the audio update, where you'll catch all the highlights for the week and be sure to go through the rest of the content below. As requested, you can find point tallies for each character from each of the first four episodes this season down in the "Detailed Points Breakdown" section. On top of all the other goodies we have for you, that's an awful lot of LFL updating to go through!

Once again, I've included the LFL Season 5 rule book. If you have any questions regarding point, consult the rule book first. If you can't find your answer therein, or if you think we missed some points, shoot us an email at LFLquestions@gmail.com. We will do our best to get back to you as promptly as possible.

Once again, here is the official LFL rule book. Happy reading!

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