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Just like with any other show, LOST has good episodes and bad ones. We've seen teaser episodes, filler episodes, wild boar-hunts, and of course the legendary Nikki/Paolo fiasco. After eighty-something viewing hours, I think we all know what makes a great episode: fast-paced, character-driven, dirty deep jungle action. This is Jughead, and I for one couldn't care less what the off-islanders are doing. Things I Noticed:

Finally, a Reason for Charlie to be in Diapers
Our opening scene appears at first to be a flash-forward, but in fact it takes place three years ago. As if Desmond and Penny's story weren't touching enough, they go one step further and name their kid after Charlie. Born in the Philippines, Charlie II brings uncharacteristic hope and happiness to LOST. While the rest of the characters are having a pretty dismal time, Desmond's life is going along good. Maybe this is because he avoids the real world, his boat functioning as an island all its own. Or maybe its because Desmond isn't one of the people who were not 'supposed' to leave the island, marking him with immunity from the weird crap Jack, Hurley, Kate and everyone else has gone through.

Flash-forward to a three-year old Charlie, and Desmond is about to hit the mainland for perhaps the first time since he left the O6. His dream/memory from last episode was a few weeks ago at best, because we know he wouldn't have waited very long to sail to Oxford. Deep down we know that guilt will eventually bring Desmond back to the island, and Penny knows this all too well. By the time the episode's over, Widmore knows also. He and Ben both share a sneaky way of guiding people along while allowing them to think they're still making their own choices.

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