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Still hanging tough? Good! We're just two days away from the return of our favorite little show and we're also getting to the big guns in these character analyses.

Before we jump into things, I wanted to let you all know how to print out your own copy of the LFL Season 5 rule book. When you click on the grey box that opens up to reveal the rule book, click on the "Full Screen" option. Once the rule book appears in full screen mode, look up in the upper righthand corner. To the left of the "Close" button there is a little blue and grey icon. This is the print button. Clicking on it will start up whatever the process is on your computer to print the rule book out.

Now then, onto the business at hand. What exactly is a Status Unknown character? Oh, I don't know, maybe a character that we have no clue what's going to happen to. It was a pretty easy group to breakdown but you may not necessarily agree with what I have to say.

REMINDER: Do not post spoilers in the comments section. The following predictions and prognostications are based on purely spoiler-free speculation. While I have read some spoilers in the lead up to Season 5, no spoilers or anything remotely spoilerish will be revealed here, so please do not let anything that you know slip. Let’s respect the fans that have gone 100% spoiler-free.

And now that you know how to print it out, here's the rule book again! :-p

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