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Update 8 Jan:I have decided after hearing everyone's view to change the points to the new one I discussed yesterday. More focus is on the guessing of the correct character and less on centricity. (View 7 Jan update for details)

I have been receiving a number of questions about the game and have decided to post a FAQ below. This will update everytime i get a new question and i will tell everyone in the comments.

Thanks once again for everyone's support. There are still plenty of places left so tell your friends and lets spread the word about the new LOST Numbers game .

Frequently Asked Questions

Update 7 Jan: There have been a number of questions and worries regarding the centric parts of the LOST numbers game. I have listened to what you all have to say and i am willing to change the points to the following if enough of you agree in the comments. Click on read article below to see the possible points changes.

Possible Point Changes

6 Jan 08:

Hi everyone, its CJ Sonic here and i am very proud to present a NEW GAME for the new season of LOST.

This game is very simple and a fun way to watch the new episodes of LOST. We all know what those magical numbers are (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42) and i made a game which uses those numbers in a new and fun way.

You have to guess which character will appear at those numbers during an episode of LOST. Meaning which character will appear at 4 minutes, 8 minutes, 15 minutes etc etc... Pretty Simple huh? For each correct answer you receive points and in total there are 10800 up for grabs. (See read me below for a more detailed break down)

And what will you get if you win do i hear you say? Well how about £30 worth of Amazon Vouchers for you to spend?

All you have to do to join this new and exciting game is fill in the following form:

LOST Numbers Game Entry Form

I will be accepting initially up to 1500 entries with the possibility for more if demand is there! So please join and see how well you can do in guessing when characters will appear on LOST. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join this competition. I will be giving weekly updates on who appeared, scores and league tables!! You can find more information in the READ ARTICLE's below

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: cjsonic.LNG@googlemail.com

or visit http://lostnumbersgame.blogspot.com for more information.

So Good Luck and i hope you enjoy the new season of LOST and i will be speaking to you all very soon.


How to Play

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