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Update: 15:25 GMT Thanks for helping with the testing. For those that still want to access the POP-Up comments form from the main page, you will now see a small icon under the title of each post. By clicking on the icon the pop-up comment form will load.

A while ago we ran a reader feedback session and one of the items that came out was to make it easier to comment here at DarkUFO. I've just finished making some changes to the how the comments work here on the Homepage only. If successful I'll roll out the feature to the rest of the site.

The new form removes the need for any pop-up window and also by default hides all the existing comments to make it quicker to leave your comment.

Please feel free to test the new comment form out by leaving comments to this post and I would love to hear any feedback you have, both Good and Bad. The old comment popup form is still available via a link on the new comment form.

Test away :)

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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