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Take lots of Ben and Locke, the welcome return of Richard, the ever-awesome Christian, spooky Claire, the reappearance of Jacob’s cabin, and then pepper it with threats, beatings, shootings, throat-slitting, and the best candy-bar eating scene in all of television history. Now jam it all into one episode. This is what the writer’s strike did to us, and we should be thankful for it. Things I Noticed:

Vozzek’s Favorite Quotes of the Week
John Burger… “The Island does not move--land masses just don’t float around and even for scifi--that would be just stupid”. (Two weeks ago, comments section)
bongzilla… “I'm with John Burger. Vozzek, you're out of your mind on some of those wilder theories, such as the island moving and the body/mind time travel difference. Just looney stuff there with no substantiation except a goofball theory”. (Two weeks ago, comments section)
Locke, to Ben & Hurley… “We're supposed to move the island.” (Last night) 

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