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Hey Losties,
How are you all doing this week!? This week's episode of LOST, was the first part of the Season 4 finale. I really felt that it was a solid episode and provided us with the perfect setup into the two hour Part 2 of the finale which will air on May 29th at a special time at 9PM.

This week we bring you a special Season Finale Edition of the ODI LOST Podcast. Why is it special!? Well first of all we usually release both parts of the podcast together, but this week, DarkUFO has posted a an Episode Synopsis and Major spoilers for the upcoming finale that we cover in the spoilers part of the podcast. So we had to split the podcast into two separate posts.

In order to protect fans that do not want to be spoiled the only way you can access the spoilers podcast you will have to visit our spoilers sections.

Now for all of you that do not like spoilers Part 1 does contain our weekly episode recap and analysis of all the key points. We talk about the Three Stooges (Ben, Locke and Hurley) on the way to The Orchid, Sawyer and Jack being the heroes, Sayid and Kate meeting Richard Alpert and the other Others in the jungle, Daniel helping to get some of the LOSTIES including Sun, Jin and Aaron to the freighter, mention Desmond finding the freighter rigged with tons of C4 explosives and all of the Oceanic 6 flash forward scenes.

So as always, do not forget the podcast is available on iTunes and you can subscribe to the podcast there.

Well we hope you enjoy the podcast. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. Namaste.

Here is the link to the Spoiler-Free Season 4 Finale Part 1 Recap:


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