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Hey All,
Last week we decided to add my good friend Anna's recap to the front page here. Most of you loved the recap and her style of mixing various components from theories, notes, and screencaps.

Her post is currently the 3rd highest post on this site and she was extremely honored by all the love and feedback from all of you.

Well here is her new recap and boy, for recapping a setup episode she has done a great job again.

Enjoy and namaste.


A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about “Something Nice Back Home”, I likened it to the classic season-finale set-up episode. Well, little did I know that the first hour of the finale “There’s No Place Like Home” would be the actual set-up episode. So now I suppose the former would be the set-up to the set-up episode?

Honestly, I don’t think it was entirely necessary, especially during a season where due to the writer’s strike the storyline had to be condensed into a shorter length of time. The plot just seemed to eek itself forward in this installment, as about half of the time was spent off-island after the Oceanic 6 settle in. Nonetheless, this is LOST, and there is always some meaty pulp which can be strained from the juice.

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