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Well after over 170+ submissions we've narrowed down the questions to 39 which we feel are the hardest. A big thanks to the Forum Admin team for helping me test the poll and come up with the list of 39 questions, and a thanks to everyone who submitted a question, they were all great.

IMPORTANT - Read Before starting
1) There are 39 Multiple-choice questions.
2) You pick either A, B, C or D for your answer by clicking on your choice
3) You are then told if you got it right along with the answer and the % of other users who also got it right.
4) You have 30 seconds to complete each question and the quicker you answer the question the more points you get
5) If you want your score recorded on the League Table you must FIRST create a free account HERE.
6) Only take the quiz ONCE if you want your score on the league table at the end of the day.

Good luck and let us know what you thought of the quiz in the comments. Also feel free to let your Lost friends and other message boards know about the Quiz or you can click on the "Grab Quiz" button to add it to your own site. Any problems just leave a comment or email me.

Download Current Leaderboard (Excel Format)
View Question Difficulty Ranking (Don't look unless you want to spoil the quiz)

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