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With the Season 4 finale tomorrow followed by the painfully long hiatus until Lost returns in 2009, I thought now would be a good time to let you know some of the things we have planned here to help pass the time a little less painfully. I hope you keep visiting the site during the hiatus and enjoy it as much as you can!

The Season 4 awards
These will start a few days after the finale. We already have a number of Nominations and will add to this after the finale as I'm sure there will be some cool lines and scenes that need to be added. Once we have all the Nominations we will be narrowing down the nominations to 7 options in each category as the poll software we use on the site only allows for 7 options. However the new Forums allow much larger Polls so we will be using these to narrow down the selections. I suggest that you grab yourself a Username over there so that you can join in the fun and the voting. Once we have our top 7 in each category those will be posted here on the main site.

Season 5 Fantasy League
G-Man and Myself will be running another fantasy league next season and shortly we will have the new rules and character groups posted along with a very simple and free form for you to create your team. The submissions will stay open as long as possible but as soon as any major spoilers start to come in for Season 5 we will close the registration process. So make sure you check back here often or subscribe via the RSS feeds to avoid disappointment.

Character Cup
After the success last year of the Character Cup G-Man will be running another Character Cup which will include all the great new characters from Season 4.

Episode Cup
We'll be running another Episode Cup during the Hiatus and I'm sure the various match-ups created by the virtual hat will spark as much heated debate as they did last year :). If time, we may have additional a Scene cup.

Prop Cup
Dharmageddon will be running another of his fun cups to find your favourite props and objects. Again we will be using the forums to narrow down the initial selections so make sure you have an account there.

Season 4 Fantasy and Predication League Results/Awards
After the finale and after we've collated all the points and results we will post the winners and the prizes for the both these competitions.

Season 4 DVD
We will be providing detailed reports on the Season 4 DVD and hope to be the first site to bring you artwork, deleted scenes, bloopers and other special items from the DVD. These will all be found in the DVD section.

Other Site Sections
Obviously all the other sections of the site will remain open so keep your Fan Fiction, Theories and Polls etc coming in.

ARG 3?
After the very successful 2nd Arg, Find815, if ABC come up with a new Arg we will obviously create a new section of the site dedicated to it. Fingers crossed.

Comic Con
We will also be providing live coverage of the Lost Panel at Comic Con this year in the Live Lost section.

Quizzes and Games
After yesterdays very successful Quiz, which had over 40,000 people take part we will try to run more of these in the future. We are also in talks with some flash game providers who we are trying to partner with to bring you some fun interactive Lost related games.

We're always open to fun suggestions for things to add to the site and to do during the Hiatus, so please feel free to email me direct, leave a comment here or on the Forums.

I'll personally be taking a couple of vacations during the summer including seeing my younger sister getting married in Dubai, but rest assured I have an excellent back up team in The ODI, G-Man, Dharmaggeddon etc who will cover for me during any time away.

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