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Just as our LOST season picks up even more momentum, we’re slapped in the face with the reality that it’s already more than half over. That totally sucks. What doesn’t suck though, is how much good information we’ve been given so far… or the fantastic reveals the writers have come through with week after week, more often than any other season. Things I Noticed:

The 815’ers have an ass-kicking breakfast bar
They may not be as comfy as Locke’s camp, but it looks like Jack’s side of the island got the bulk of the Dharma flakes. As each episode goes by, that little breakfast bar gets better and better. Looking closely, I think I even saw Charlotte working a blender.

It was nice to at least see one character from that camp willing to sidestep the usual bullshit and demand some direct answers. Last week I wanted to strangle Jack when he once AGAIN let Juliet dodge questions and lead him blindly across the island without pressing her for answers. But Sun’s attitude this week was refreshing. It took her all of 10 seconds to realize Daniel was clueless before making a beeline for the backpacks, maps, and prenatal vitamins. Sun acts, while everyone else reacts.

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