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>A couple of questions were answered in this weeks episode but maskdmirag is still our leader.

Episode 7 - Answers

Will we see Michael again?
YES - 10 Points - 759 People got this correct

In what episode will we first see Michael?
Episode 7 - 33 People got this correct

The Death count was again increased due to Regina killing herself, which takes us up to 5 Deaths (Elsa, Golf Man, Naomi, Minkowski, Regina).
The Flashforward count is now up to 4.

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With Season 4 being cut short due to the writers strike we have decided that the prediction league will run till the end of Season 4 and not as previously reported 16 episodes regardless. However, those people that selected episodes 14,15 and 16 fear not, as if the predictions you made happen in the last episode these predictions will count in your favour.

Sorry for any inconvenience but the writers strike was out of our control.

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