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Update: 08:00 GMT Sorry my bad, I forgot to add the online version of the full table. I've now added it to the stats section or you can click here to view it. (DarkUFO)

It was quite a dismal week for the Fantasy League. It's quite ironic really. "The Constant" was one of the best and most popular episodes of Lost to date, yet it failed to break even when it came to our scoring rules. The episode officially landed in the red, coming in with a jarring -25 points overall.

What does this mean? Well, it shows that Lost is unpredictable. From a fans perspective, it doesn't really matter how well our teams scored. But for those of us who are involved with the LFL, frustration is right around the corner. Only six League characters were in the episode. Three of those six were from Group 2, so your chances of doing well were pretty limited. Needless to say, the overall points standings probably weren't shaken up too much, though there were 200 contestants that lost the full 35 points possible.

Check all the sections below, because there are some important points rulings and a new episode totals chart in the detailed point section. I want to take this time to inform you all that the Week 6 Fantasy Update will NOT be posted next Monday evening. DarkUFO and I both have plans for the weekend and won't be able to put the post together for Monday night. Look for your Week 6 LFL fix on Wednesday, March 12th.

Hopefully Week 6 will bring us back to the usual amount of points. Until then, leave us a comment and send your questions to LFLquestions@gmail.com.

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